Tea Sets Flatware

Houston Silver Buyers pays top dollar for your silver tea cups, tea pots and trays. We also buy complete or partial silver flatware sets.
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Silver Jewelry

We are Houston's #1 buyer for all silver jewelry, from necklaces, to rings, with or without stones, to silver bracelets.
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Silver Coins Bullion

Since we are a member of the American Numismatic Association we are the best place to sell your silver coins. We also buy any form of silver bullion.
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Houston Silver Buyers, The Best Place To Sell...

Tea Sets
Complete Silver Tea Sets
We pay top dollar for complete silver tea sets.
Tea Sets
Silver Engagement Rings
Sell us your silver engagement rings, with or without diamonds.
Tea Sets
Silver Pattern Flatware
We are undersold on fancy silver pattern flatware for our showroom.

Houston Sterling Silver Buyer

Sterling Silver JewelryWith sterling silver at record highs now is the time to sell. Our store is under sold on many silver items, which means we are willing to pay you a premium for your silver items. We buy everything from Tiffany Tea Sets, to vintage silverware, to a jar of silver coins.

We are known as being the best place to sell key date silver coins, such as any CC Morgan Silver Dollar and Silver Dollas from the 1800's. We also pay a premium for rare XF or better silver coins.

Have any old, vintage, antique, or estate silver jewelry? Bring it in for a free appraisal. Our appraisal represents a cash offer from us to buy your silver piece on the spot. If you have a silver engagement ring from which you have replaced with a gold or platinum ring, or from a previous marriage we will give you top dollar, and pay extra for the stones. Rings with GIA or AGS certified diamonds typically will receive a 20% premium over a non-certified stone.

Texas residents love to sell to us because we will pay closer to spot silver price than any other precious metal buyer in Houston. We welcome you to use the contact form below and tell us what you are selling. We will typically write back with a rough estimate the same day, or if you write in after 6pm the following morning. With slv prices on the rise again its the perfect time to sell.

Whether you have 1 silver dollars, or a $100 or $1000 face value bag of silver coins bring them in for top cash. To get an idea of how much a $1000 face bag of 90% silver coins is worth, that will contain roughly 715 ounces of pure silver, at current silver prices that would put the value of the silver content at roughly $25k. We won't pay the exact price of silver, because there is a few associated with melting it, plus a small processing fee, but we will get you as close as possible.

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Many people come to us to buy their silverware and silver tea sets but don't know if its real silver. There are a few quick tips to find out if it is, number 1, bring it to us and we can test it for free. We will put a small drop of nitric acid on it, in an inconspicuous spot. Please do not attempt this silver test yourself as it should only be performed by a trained professional with the proper equipment. A couple ways you can check yourself is by looking for the following symbols, such as Ster, Sterling, 925, .925, S/S (Sterling Silver), these marks are often very small so check carefully. Another way is to look for the manufacturer name, if it contains the name of a major jewelry or silverware maker then it is going to be real silver. Finally, silver will oxidize slightly if exposed to air, if you rub it with a soft cloth, it will leave a black mark on the cloth, where as a silverplate item will not leave a mark.

We buy speciality coins, including the 5 ounce U.S. Government Silver Coins.

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